Kai Hoffmann

Founder & Managing Director

Kai has over 10 years experience as a consultant in the capital markets, with a particular focus on the mining industry. He has worked with over 100 companies over the past 10 years. During his career he has advised clients on corporate finance matter and written a wide-reaching financial newsletter, “Das Investor Magazin”. He is also CEO of Vancouver based Oreninc, a data mining company, tracking the financing activity of mining companies on TSX,TSX-V and CSE.

Kai has a BA(Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Tarik Dede

Director Content & Road Shows, Frankfurt Office

Tarik is an economist with over 20 years of experience in the capital markets. He is a freelance journalist and book author. At Soar Financial, he supports in facilitating road shows, coordinating the creation and publication of content and is directly involved in client management. Tarik has been a journalist in the resource space for over 15 years and has published in “Platow Rohstoffe”, “Borse Online” and other mainstream media.